A creative agency with a distaste for waste.

Providing strategy & communications to minimize waste and maximize environmental management efficiency.

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Get people educated, excited, and engaged with your sustainability initiatives.

  • Zero waste & recycling strategies
  • Behavior changing campaigns
  • Interactive special waste and recycling guidelines
  • Videos, PSAs, Interactive media
  • Actionable projects for ESG and B-Corp reporting

Public Agencies

We partner with municipalities to curb waste and contamination through public awareness and educational campaigns.


We work together with brands to ensure waste is reduced, reused and disposed of responsibly while engaging employees and stakeholders.


We collaborate with schools and universities to create standout educational experiences that spark awareness and action around waste initiatives.

Boost transparency and reach your environmental goals

Creating newsworthy content (as covered in):

Work with a purpose.

Serving our clients with behavior-changing campaigns across digital and traditional media.

Recycle by City


An award-winning waste-reduction and public outreach platform.

Developed by Civil Agents, Recycle by City serves dozens of municipalities and 3+ million households nationwide. Designed to deliver a remarkable and memorable educational experience. 

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Technical Recycling Guidelines


Quick to install and easy to use, our interactive guides provide clear guidance and protocols to keep employees informed of regulations and best resource management practices. 

Corporate Social Responsibility


Encourage employees to become active participants in your company's social responsibility initiatives. We'll help you define and deliver initiatives to achieve your company's long-term goals. 

Public Communications

Marketing, outreach, education

Designing striking campaigns for our municipal partners, across all media: digital, print, and outdoor. 

Meet the agents:

Tracy Bugh


Phil Carty


Brandi Emma

Social Media Director

Tracy Bugh founded Civil Agents to educate and activate the public around resource conservation with her signature visual communications and marketing expertise.

It began with a frustrating online search for clear recycling rules which revealed that she’d been recycling wrong and propelled her to tackle waste. After having spent two decades as a Creative Director providing award-winning content to partners that included DIRECTV, Pepsi, and the NFL, Tracy pivoted her career to create Recycle by City; a national platform for local recycling information in cities throughout the country.

As partnerships with community recycling organizations grew, brands approached with the desire to optimize their corporate citizenship and better communicate their waste policies. Tracy now works alongside both corporate sustainability and community leaders to help increase awareness and engagement with their waste and resource management goals.

Tracy is a certified TRUE Zero Waste Advisor and Master Recycler, and has been asked to speak at numerous national waste conferences.

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